Mosquito Net TentWow, what a first year it’s been! As versatile as the SansBug mosquito net tent is, it is proving to be a favorite for so many different people.

From military personnel to faith-based groups, volunteers traveling abroad to those wanting to meditate outdoors, boy scouts to sugar-glider owners, geologists working in Alaska to mothers traveling to India… Not many companies can boast of having customers from 44 out of the 48 continental states within their first 10 months.  We’ve also had customers clamoring for the SansBug from as far off as Australia, Kenya and several European countries.

Thank you all so much for your support and we’re looking forward to another exciting year.  Have a safe and bug-free holiday!

2 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. I LOVE these tents! I bought 3 for my granddaughters and another for my preschool teaching program. My granddaughters sleep in the tent when they spend the night!
    I also have a swim school, and I plan to put one in the yard for siblings to play in while they wait for their brother or sister to finish swim lessons! They are wonderful so easy!!!

  2. Sansbug has the best customer service! I would highly recommend them and their reasonably priced products.

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