There’s only one word for your popup screen tent, mosquito net tent, bed net, bug shelter or mesh tent: SansBug.

The SansBug screen tent is the quickest tent you’ve ever pitched; simply slide off the elastic strap and toss up – bug free in one second!  It has no-see-um netting so it even stops sandflies and bedbugs; sandflies can go right through mosquito netting.

Reached the scout summer camp near midnight?  No problem… you don’t need to spend an hour to set up the troop tent in the dark; your sleeping arrangements will be ready with a toss of your SansBug screen tent… faster than you can say hakuna matata!

Claustrophobic?  The SansBug mosquito net tent allows you to sit up unlike the USGI bednets in which you can only lie down.  It’s also more than 3 feet wide so you can comfortably sleep without fear of touching the sides and being bit through the mesh.  Seen and read: 100 times better than standard US army issue!

Using an ancient mosquito bar or netting draped over poles in a canvas tent?  The skeeters can still come in through the gaps in the floorboards or under the netting.  The SansBug bug tent has a sewn-in floor so it’s totally enclosed to protect you from flying critters, creepy crawlies or slithering snakes.

RV camping?  Now you don’t need to set up the large screen house or room… at about 40 square feet, the SansBug 3-person screen room can easily accommodate about 4 – 6 people for a meal or a game of cards.