• Spot the SansBug!

    As seen on istagram: @nicholsquarters, #sansbug #burkina.

    Can you spot the SansBug somewhere amongst the domes of Fabedougou? The domes are limestone rocks sculpted over millenia.  They can be found 3km north of Karfiguela Falls in Burkina Faso.

    Media by nicholsquarters#sansbug #burkina

    Here’s another pic up close of the impressive rock formations.

    Dômes de Fabedougou (12567910723).jpg

    By Maarten van der BentDômes de Fabedougou, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

  • Scout Summer Camp (without the mosquito bites!)

    As summer camp draws closer, we’ve compiled some reviews from parents and scout leaders about the SansBug.  Happy bite-free camping!

    sansbug reviews

  • Boat Tent

    boat tent

    The pic was sent by Tony from Key West.  Most of us are dreaming of going somewhere warm for the next few months to escape from winter, while Tony is planning to build the world’s first underwater hotel!  Here’s part of an email from him:

    I have purchased two of the pop-ups.  Another can be placed on the forward bow.  If you notice, I have already cut a hole in the bottom so the main salon hatch would raise into the tent.

    Sleeping on the deck with a sea breeze, underneath the billions and billions of stars with the Milky Way viewable and protected from the mosquitoes… PRICELESS!!!  It’s not over yet… now you will see the sunrise and it will be spectacular!!!

    Thank you for your ingenuity.

    Tony Webb
    Key West, FL

    Check out his website to book a room underwater!

    Speaking of boat tents, here’s another pic posted on Amazon on how to turn your powerboat into a luxury yacht!


    We have a jeep and a boat.  Now we need a train…

  • Jeep OverLand Camping

    I love overland camping, but hate packing up afterwards.  Sound familiar?  Here’s an email from Steve:


    This idea came to me a little while ago.  I have installed a heavy external frame ( by Smittybilt ) and attached an 7′ basket  to the top of my Jeep.   The problem is finding a tent to fit on it, without breaking the bank.  Enter the SansBug single…

    I have not taken it out on a trial trip yet, but can hardly wait.



    …Showed my buddy the pics and now he’s looking for one to put in the bed of his truck!

  • Seen and Read… deer vigil

    Tip to deter deer from eating your veggies – pitch a SansBug next to your garden for a vigil.


  • New Bomas of Kenya

    Across the world in far-flung places, green structures are popping up…  Here are pictures of the SansBug mosquito net from a mission trip in Kenya.



  • Scorpion-proof Tent

    scorpion_proof_tentTrivia question of the day – which is the most venomous scorpion in North America? Ding, ding, ding… you guessed it, it’s the bark scorpion!  Its venom is so painful that many victims have described sensations of electric jolts after being stung.  It is the only scorpion in the southwest that can climb walls and other objects with a rough surface and it so resilient, that it has been found at ground zero after nuclear testing!

    So we don’t blame Paula who lives in the southwest desert in scorpion-country for seeking refuge in a SansBug tent:

    Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I’m deathly afraid of the Bark Scorpions which have suddenly become invasive in the Coachella Valley.  I can now sleep without worry inside my tent.  I took a (full bed size) piece of talalay foam and cut off the corners to fit inside.  A mattress pad and sheets and it’s as cozy as can be.

  • Nod of Approval

    January 9, 1438hrs: Please be advised our office must purchase three SansBug III for members going on mission overseas.

    The Mounties may always get their man but even they need protection.  Three RCMP officers were deploying to Cambodia for one year to investigate crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide committed during the Khmer Rouge regime.   While interrogating witnesses in remote jungle locations, they had to deal with stubborn ants in their beds and pesky frogs in the bathroom.

    thumbs up2 months later: Please be advised three of my colleagues have had the opportunity to try the tents on a mission to Cambodia. They indicated they are all satisfied with the construction and the rapidity to install the pop-up mosquito nets.

    So on one side of the world, the tents are being used to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone and on the other side of the world in Cambodia, they’re being used to bring the bad guys to justice.  Not bad, eh?

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