• Scout Summer Camp (without the mosquito bites!)

    As summer camp draws closer, we’ve compiled some reviews from parents and scout leaders about the SansBug.  Happy bite-free camping!

  • Boat Tent

    The pic was sent by Tony from Key West.  Most of us are dreaming of going somewhere warm for the next few months to escape from winter, while Tony is planning to build the world’s…

  • Jeep OverLand Camping

    I love camping, but hate packing up afterwards.  Sound familiar?  Here’s an email from Steve: This idea came to me a little while ago.  I have installed a heavy external frame ( by Smittybilt )…

  • Seen and Read… deer vigil

    Tip to deter deer from eating your veggies – pitch a SansBug next to your garden for a vigil.

  • New Bomas of Kenya

    Across the world in far-flung places, green structures are popping up…