Mosquito Nets for Summer Camp

Camp Read

It’s that time of the year again when the earth springs into life… but this year there is expected to be a little more activity.  A dozen states from NY to IL and south to GA will see billions of cicadas emerge this month or next after spending 17 years underground.  They will mate, lay […]

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Kissing Bugs?

scout camp packing list

Which do you prefer: kissing bug, assassin bug or vampire bug?  All three actually refer to the same bug; the triatomine which tends to bite humans on the face and lips while they are sleeping!  As if the motionless daddy long legs in the corner of the tent was not enough to give you the […]

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Camp Sequassen

Hello SansBug,   Our leaders and I would also like to thank you for helping us out with such a great product. They kept the bugs out and saved the leaders from having to do bug sweeps each night of the platform tents at Camp Sequassen. We did a overnight canoe trip to a small […]

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Camp T. Brady Saunders

camp t brady saunders

With a few days left to go for boy scout summer camp at Camp T. Brady Saunders, and the SansBug out of stock on Amazon, we were able to ship Joe a 1-person just in time for his son’s trip.  Here’s an email from him: Thank you again for sending the SansBug mosquito net to […]

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Camp Buck Toms

bunk bed tent

Dear SansBug Friends, We had a great week of Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee.  We were in 3-sided cabins known as Adirondacks.  Nice sturdy structures that shelter the weather, but open air and accessible to spiders, mosquitoes, and other varmints.  The SansBug I’s fit nicely in the bunk-beds and provided […]

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