Resica Falls Scout Reservation

Resica Falls Scout Reservation

Last year, I was looking for mosquito netting to help my son Jacob deal with the pending Boy Scout summer camp we were going to attend at Resica Falls Scout Reservation (he’s very afraid of spiders), and I came across several YouTube videos that explained the SansBug and how it worked. In particular the picture on your website of other Scouts using a SansBug on very similar cots in platform canvas tents convinced us and we ordered a SansBug for both Jacob and his brother Joshua. They worked perfectly and led to several other Scouts in our troop purchasing their own SansBug.

With this years’ summer camp in the Poconos we’ve used them again, and they’ve held up very well. We’re very glad to have and use your products and look forward to enjoying them into the future. Here’s a picture of our boys’ tent with the SansBugs (please pardon the mess!); we were at Resica Falls Scout Reservation north of East Stroudsburg, PA from 7/7/13 to 7/13/13. We had a great time! Thank you so much.


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  1. This review is PERFECT. I have been scouring the internet all afternoon looking for an alternative to the typical mosquito netting. My son and I are going to this SAME camp this summer and I will be purchasing 2 of these! Thank you for the review and photos! This was extremely helpful to see your setup! I am going to send this page to my whole pack.

    1. Thanks so much! We’re looking forward to seeing pics from your summer camp.

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