Eeeek…. dragons!


Seen and read… No telling what you’ll find on top of your SansBug when you wake up!                               And then there are other dragons that take refuge INSIDE a SansBug to protect them from toxic bugs and humans!       […]

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Mosquito Net Tents in Africa


Even a malaria expert needs protection from mosquitoes in Africa.  Dr. Amy Bei, a Harvard-trained, Yale professor who speaks a gazillion languages spends her time between Dakar, Senegal and New Haven, CT.  When she’s not fighting malaria, she grows and roasts her own coffee in Senegal, knits and weaves, and is working on her pilot […]

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Monarch Butterfly Habitat

monarch butterfly cage

Seen and Read: We’re thrilled that the SansBug mesh tent is being used as a giant insect terrarium to house monarch butterfly caterpillars.  Much larger than butterfly cages specifically made for the purpose, the smallest SansBug bug tent can house more than a dozen milkweed plants. Monarch butterflies with their familiar orange and black pattern […]

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Best Tent for Scouts

  We’re thrilled that the SansBug screen tent has been featured in Ask the Gear Guy section of Boys’ Life magazine under… Stuff we Like!  The SansBug has helped thousands of Scouts and their parents brave through summer camp.  Feedback such as “first time he came home without bites” and “first year he stayed at […]

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Cat Tent

mobile catio

Being cooped up inside for 2 months, we now have a taste of what our cats feel like.  Walking around the block or spending more time in the yard was a welcome relief from the lockdown-generated back pain.  But don’t you feel guilty when the kitties are sitting on the window sill looking outside at […]

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