Spider Proof Tent

Tarey: Just writing to say I love you!  A brown recluse infestation made it impossible to sleep in my house at night when spiders are active.  I was sleeping in my car!  This is exactly what I need!  I’m sharing mine with a dog in a spider infested house.  Very comfortable spider proof tent.

SansBug: Thanks so much for the email.  We always love to hear how the SansBug is being used.  Can we share your story on our blog?  We hope the infestation is taken care of!

Tarey: Of course you may share it on your blog. My dogs love sleeping inside the SansBug too. I think I’ll buy one for them. Thanks again for a great product!

Tarey: Here’s a pic, but don’t use my full name on the blog. People would be afraid to visit. The treatment for the spiders takes a few months. So happy to sleep safe. Every pest control company in brown recluse territory should know about SansBug. Thanks again!

Spider proof tent