SansBug in Belize

They worked wonderfully. Everyone was really glad they had them! Keith Sherrell, Minister of Worship First Baptist Church of Blanchard, LA sent a group of 16 to Belize this summer.  Keith sent this picture of the tents.  Notice that the mosquito nets have been placed on air mattresses.  The nets are free-standing so they didn’t […]

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Habari gani? Mzuri sana!

mission trip mosquito nets

“They worked great!”  First Baptist of Fayetteville, TN sent a group of 44 to Uganda for 9 days this month.  Sherry was kind enough to share this pic with us.  Not only would it have taken a while to suspend 44 regular mosquito nets from those steel beams, but looking at that floor, tucking the […]

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Screen Tents for Disaster Response

screen tent

If you have a 6-person-volunteer-team heading to Haiti, what kind of mesh tent do you get them? A $200-professional-backpacker tent for each team member? And if the place you’re going to be staying at has space limitations, are you looking forward to erecting a tent every single night and taking it down the next morning? […]

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