How to Stop Bedbugs

bed net

Here’s a review from England, left on “This is the 11th no-bedbug-bite-day since starting to sleep inside my new SansBug bedbug-proof-tent. Previously I was being bitten daily or every other day.  So I feel fairly sure of my ground when I say that I believe that bedbugs cannot enter a zipped-up SansBug tent.  The […]

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Bedbug Tent!

bedbug netting

“I literally went from 2-7 bed bug bites per night to zero the first night in the tent, and I never got one since.” Here are images of a bedbug in it’s various life cycle, courtesy of Department of Medical Entomology, Westmead Hospital in Australia.  Below is the image of the SansBug mesh also magnified […]

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