How to Stop Bedbugs

How to Stop Bedbugs

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This is the 11th no-bedbug-bite-day since starting to sleep inside my new SansBug bedbug-proof-tent. Previously I was being bitten daily or every other day.  So I feel fairly sure of my ground when I say that I believe that bedbugs cannot enter a zipped-up SansBug tent.  The thing that takes up my time is making sure I don’t take bedbugs into the SansBug myself!

They can hide in the seams of clothing and are very small, especially in the early life-cycle stages.  So for bedbugs, you have to treat the SansBug much like nurses and surgeons treat an operating theater – do not enter it unless you have tried to make sure you are free of ‘bugs’.  Anything I wear in bed or cover myself with only goes inside the SansBug after laundering above 40C, ideally 50C. And then it stays in there with the zip closed – until it comes out for re-laundering.  I only open the zip when I need to; I never leave it open.

So now the SansBug is a bedbug-free-zone.  If you leave the zip open or enter the SansBug wearing your street clothes, you are asking for trouble.

Bedbugs aside, I like the way the SansBug folds-up, and the subsequent small space it takes up.