Mosquito Net Tents in Africa


Even a malaria expert needs protection from mosquitoes in Africa.  Dr. Amy Bei, a Harvard-trained, Yale professor who speaks a gazillion languages spends her time between Dakar, Senegal and New Haven, CT.  When she’s not fighting malaria, she grows and roasts her own coffee in Senegal, knits and weaves, and is working on her pilot […]

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Spot the SansBug!

As seen on istagram: @nicholsquarters, #sansbug #burkina. Can you spot the SansBug somewhere amongst the domes of Fabedougou? The domes are limestone rocks sculpted over millenia.  They can be found 3km north of Karfiguela Falls in Burkina Faso. Here’s another pic up close of the impressive rock formations. By Maarten van der Bent – Dômes […]

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Operation Fight-Ebola

In late November, the Canadian military contacted us for a rush order to outfit a team heading to Africa in a week with pop-up mosquito nets.  We didn’t ask where they were going and they didn’t tell.  A quick search on google revealed the mission is the Canadian government’s response to the Ebola outbreak in […]

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London – Cape Town – Cairo in 39 WEEKS!

That’s like 9 months!  Traveling with 25 other people in an 18-ton bright-yellow truck through 28 countries all around Africa is not your typical vacation.  You will trace the rugged Atlantic coast skirting the Sahara desert, cut through the Congo forest, make your way over the Kalahari and up Table mountain, then snake along the […]

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SansBug in Senegal

freestanding mosquito net

Researchers from Stanford University recently took the SansBug mosquito net tents to Senegal for a project on early language acquisition by children living in rural villages.  Here’s a picture of two of their fieldwork team members. […]

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