Habari gani? Mzuri sana!

They worked great!”  First Baptist of Fayetteville, TN sent a group of 44 to Uganda for 9 days this month.  Sherry was kind enough to share this pic with us.  Not only would it have taken a while to suspend 44 regular mosquito nets from those steel beams, but looking at that floor, tucking the nets under the mattress or sleeping bag would probably have frayed the material.  Furthermore, the nets can become dislodged from under the sleeping bag during the night exposing you to mosquitoes.  In a situation like this, the SansBug freestanding net is the best alternative to regular mosquito nets, hands down.

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  1. These are 1-persons. They are easier to take on a plane as they can easily fit in the overhead bin. The airlines may charge an oversize baggage fee for a 2-person.

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