SansBug in Haiti

Disaster Response Mosquito Nets

We’ve had quite a few groups and individuals taking the SansBug net tent to Haiti. Not many pictures have come in yet but Billy Grady of Springfield, MO was kind enough to share the pic on the left. The SansBug pop-up mosquito net is ideal in such a setting and is much more convenient than suspending a net. For their flight, Billy and his team threw their 7 tents in a large duffle bag which can be obtained from any army surplus store.

This seemed like a good idea so we ordered a 30” x 50” duffle bag with a side zipper from to try it out.  Here it is below with 12 tents in it!

Duffle bag

Duffle bag

The SansBug 1-person free-standing tent is a great alternative to the regular nets which need to be suspended and which cost about the same amount.