Cat Tent

cat tent

Being cooped up inside for 2 months, we now have a taste of what our cats feel like.  Walking around the block or spending more time in the yard was a welcome relief from the lockdown-generated back pain.  But don’t you feel guilty when the kitties are sitting on the window sill looking outside at you?

If cats are not provided a stimulating and exciting environment, behavioral and psychological issues can arise.  Unlike in European countries, where cats spend the majority of their time outdoors, most Americans keep their cats strictly indoors.  It has thus been noted that American cats suffer more from anxiety and stress related issues.  Since one of the top reasons given for surrendering cats to shelters is behavior problems, it is important to provide sufficient stimulation for indoor cats.

Catios (outdoor cat enclosures) provide a nice balance of indoor and outdoor living without the risk.  But if you don’t have yard space or are renting, a permanent structure in the backyard or even your balcony may not be possible.  If you have calm cats who are not shredders, the SansBug mesh tent provides a cost-effective way to provide some secure outside time, supervised of course.  You can keep their toys, food, water, bed and litter box in it for hours of fun “outdoors.” Unlike other pop-up tents made specifically for cats, the SansBug has a solid floor so it also blocks out bugs.

The SansBug screen tent would also work great to contain cats indoors when you’re renovating your home or to prevent them spraying or scratching the hotel room when traveling.  Hotels can charge a lot of money for that.  It would especially come in handy for breeders when they travel to cat shows.  When you’re at a cat show, your cats must have had their nails trimmed as the judges won’t let a cat scratch them so the SansBug would hold up since the cat won’t have sharp claws to tear the netting.

Kate Benjamin, cat style expert, prefers the SansBug as an alternative to the clunky, finger-pinching cage to prevent her cats from running all over her studio which has lots of hiding places when she has to bring them in to work.  You can see a couple of her kitties hard at work testing out their new fort!

Don’t be surprised when one of your kitties immediately takes over the SansBug as soon as you pop it open!  The SansBug is tall enough for a small cat tree and gives the kitties lots of light and visibility so you can place it by a window.  The waterproof tarp floor is also very easy to clean.  If need be, you can just take the net outside and hose it down.

It also works very well to contain litters of kittens.  Mary has been using the SansBug for a while now for kitten containment and it’s working out great for her:

kitten tent