Military Bed Nets

military bed nets


“Of ALL the military bed nets I looked at, yours was the best, hands down. This one stands up by itself, fits on a cot and is a tight weave!… He was exceptionally pleased with the tent. Everyone was jealous of how well it performed… He told me the other guys were envious as he sat, bug-free, in his bed net.  He loved it.”

Amy, Pennsylvania

Afghanistan is one country where you wouldn’t want to go down with malaria… or for that matter – any country.  The mosquito-borne disease is characterized by alternations between chills and fever with sweating and it may lead to coma and death if not treated promptly.  According to the CDC, all areas of Afghanistan which are lower than 6,500 feet in altitude have malaria between April-December.  Amy’s son was well protected in his SansBug bed net which he placed on top of a military cot.  And it’s not just the skeeters – the sand flies (midges) also drive you nuts.  If you have a loved one serving abroad and are looking for a GI bed net, the SansBug I is what you need.  Unlike other bed nets issued by the military in which you can only lie down, a 6′ person can comfortably sit in the SansBug.

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  1. The millions of flies they caught in the fly tape were kept at bay by this tent! While out on patrol he didn’t have the tent and would be awakened by the flies crawling on his face. The tent was perfect! It was nice and roomy, too. He could sit up and read without feeling cramped. He isn’t extra tall, so for taller people it might be different!

    1. I’ve been on a 4-month tour of the Indian subcontinent and the flies are something else. It’s amazing to see the locals sleeping peacefully with flies crawling on their faces. A 6-foot person can comfortably sit in the SansBug I which is about 35 inches in height.

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