Boat Tent

boat tent

The pic was sent by Tony from Key West.  Most of us are dreaming of going somewhere warm for the next few months to escape from winter, while Tony is planning to build the world’s first underwater hotel!  Here’s part of an email from him:

I have purchased two of the pop-ups.  Another can be placed on the forward bow.  If you notice, I have already cut a hole in the bottom so the main salon hatch would raise into the tent.

Sleeping on the deck with a sea breeze, underneath the billions and billions of stars with the Milky Way viewable and protected from the mosquitoes… PRICELESS!!!  It’s not over yet… now you will see the sunrise and it will be spectacular!!!

Thank you for your ingenuity.

Tony Webb
Key West, FL

Check out his website to book a room underwater!

Speaking of boat tents, here’s another pic posted on Amazon on how to turn your powerboat into a luxury yacht!

boat tent

We have a jeep and a boat.  Now we need a train…