Pop-up Screen Room (All-Mesh, Poly floor) – 3 Person


The largest of the SansBug pop-up screen tents, the 3-person is easier to manage than the gigantic screen houses which don’t even have a floor (so all you end up with is a thousand bugs trapped in with you!).  Comes with two zippered doors for easy entry and exit.  Folds into a 3-feet flat disc for easy storage.  Optional rain cover to function as a tent sold separately.  See detailed description below.

Model SB-3P-PF-AM


Pops open instantly into shape – no assembly required! Can be used indoors or outdoors. If using outdoors, place a ground sheet under it.

The tent is shipped tri-folded in a 34 inch disc which is almost 3 feet wide! It will NOT fit in your luggage.

Weighs only 4.3 lbs! Folds into a thin disc, only about 1 inch thick.  Length: 96 inches (8 feet but usable space is 7 feet); Width: 70 inches (5.8 feet); Height: 43 inches (3.6 feet).  Two doors.

Noiseless poly floor (no crinkly noise like the heavier tarp floor); No-see-um netting even stops sandflies and bedbug nymphs; Fiberglass poles.

Save yourself the frustration by CAREFULLY watching the demo video MULTIPLE times before folding it. Understand the steps. Don’t give up. You can do it! Folding should take seconds once you get the hang of it but you DO need to watch the demo video SEVERAL times. Fiberglass poles are strong but they will splinter if incorrectly folded!