From military personnel to faith-based groups, volunteers traveling abroad to those wanting to meditate outdoors, boy scouts to sugar-glider owners, geologists working in Alaska to mothers traveling to India… Not many companies can boast of having customers from 44 out of the 48 continental states within their first 10 months. We’ve also had customers clamoring for the SansBug from as far off as Australia, Kenya and several European countries. […]

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Screen Tents for Disaster Response

screen tent

If you have a 6-person-volunteer-team heading to Haiti, what kind of mesh tent do you get them? A $200-professional-backpacker tent for each team member? And if the place you’re going to be staying at has space limitations, are you looking forward to erecting a tent every single night and taking it down the next morning? […]

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World Malaria Day is April 25

Not wanting to be caught in the Sunday evening traffic jam at the Likoni ferry, I left Gazi Bay around 4pm after loading my car with oranges and apple mangoes (a mango cultivar whose flesh is firm, sweet and doesn’t leave fibers sticking in between your teeth). […]

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