What Seasonal Product?

Disaster Volunteers Mosquito Net TentsIt’s been a busy winter.  The SansBug mosquito net tent is always a favorite for disaster volunteers and missionaries heading to Haiti and Africa.  In fact, we’ve had a few groups now opting for the 2-person and even the 3-person tents.  A few SansBug tents have even made their way to Afghanistan.

Back home… as the sugar-glider (a marsupial that looks like a flying squirrel) is becoming more popular, so is the SansBug.  The SansBug is used for “tent-time” as it provides a safe environment for the gliders to climb and run all over the mesh and their owner!

Now that the weather is warming up and everyone is looking forward to picnics and barbecues, the need for an easy-to-use screen tent is more prevalent.  The SansBug should be a useful tool in aiding the No Child Left Inside movement.  While the older kids are playing soccer and riding bikes, infants and toddlers can also enjoy the greenery and fresh air from within the safe enclosure of the tent whose mesh prevents even the tiniest bugs from getting in.

Unzip.  Pull out. Fling up.