• Mosquito Netting for Boy Scouts

    Camp Rodney

    Here are some photos of the SansBug tents on cots in a boy scout wall tent.  My son and two other boys used SansBug (1-person) tents on this trip to Camp Rodney in Maryland last week.  Camp Rodney is located on the Chesapeake, the ‘permanent’, canvas scout tents are filled with spiders. The SansBug fit very well inside the wall tents and did an excellent job keeping the boys bug-free!  All three boys were thankful to have the SansBug, they all agreed it made their stay at camp much more enjoyable without the worry of having any critters bothering them in the middle of the night.

    We will certainly recommend the SansBug to everyone, it is an excellent product!

    Best regards,

    Lisa, Joe & Joey, NJ

  • SansBug in Afghanistan

    SansBug Bed Net on a Military Cot in Afghanistan

    “Of ALL the tents I looked at, yours was the best, hands down. This one stands up by itself, fits on a cot and is a tight weave!… He was exceptionally pleased with the tent. Everyone was jealous of how well it performed… He told me the other guys were envious as he sat, bug-free, in his tent.  He loved it.”

    Amy, Pennsylvania

    Afghanistan is one country where you wouldn’t want to go down with malaria… or for that matter – any country.  The mosquito-borne disease is characterized by alternations between chills and fever with sweating and it may lead to coma and death if not treated promptly.  According to the CDC, all areas of Afghanistan which are lower than 6,500 feet in altitude have malaria between April-December.  Amy’s son was well protected in his SansBug free-standing mosquito net tent which he placed on top of a military cot.  And it’s not just the skeeters – the sand flies (midges) also drive you nuts.  If you have a loved one serving abroad and are looking for a GI bed net, the SansBug I is what you need.  Unlike other bed nets issued by the military in which you can only lie down, a 6′ person can comfortably sit in the SansBug.

  • The other side of nature

    Mosquito Net TentTimes are tough.  Lots of folks have lost everything they had; whole communities have been wiped off the map and many lives in the Midwest and Southeast have been lost in the past couple of weeks.  To top it all, an increase in mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases is expected with all the flooding.

    In an effort to make the SansBug pop-up mosquito net tent even more affordable, we have decided to utilize another low-cost service provided by FedEx (in collaboration with USPS) but which would probably increase delivery time by 2-3 days.  Of course, we can still offer faster delivery upon request.  Otherwise, take advantage of the reduced shipping together with the limited time discount.

  • Cot in a SansBug

    “All the groups before us had been using mosquito nets hung from the ceiling.  At our location we only had one ceiling cross beam in one room, so it would have taken a small engineering feat to make ceiling nets work.  The free-standing pop-up SansBug mosquito nets were definitely the right way to go for us.”

    Here are some pics of the SansBug 2-person tents in Haiti taken by a group from North Carolina.  This was the first time that the SansBug has been used with a cot – most people place it on an air bed as can be seen from the previous pictures.  According to Dave, the cots were 6 feet long so it was a snug fit but it worked.

    Since the SansBug II is over-sized, we asked him about extra baggage fees, if any, that they had to pay: “Because we told the airline that we were going to Haiti for disaster response they pretty much turned a blind eye to all of our additional check-in baggage.  That was really nice.”

  • What Seasonal Product?

    Mosquito Net TentsIt’s been a busy winter.  The SansBug mosquito net tent is always a favorite for volunteers and missionaries heading to Haiti and Africa.  In fact, we’ve had a few groups now opting for the 2-person and even the 3-person tents.  A few SansBug tents have even made their way to Afghanistan.

    Back home… as the sugar-glider (a marsupial that looks like a flying squirrel) is becoming more popular, so is the SansBug.  The SansBug is used for “tent-time” as it provides a safe environment for the gliders to climb and run all over the mesh and their owner!

    Now that the weather is warming up and everyone is looking forward to picnics and barbecues, the need for an easy-to-use screen tent is more prevalent.  The SansBug should be a useful tool in aiding the No Child Left Inside movement.  While the older kids are playing soccer and riding bikes, infants and toddlers can also enjoy the greenery and fresh air from within the safe enclosure of the tent whose mesh prevents even the tiniest bugs from getting in.

    Unzip.  Pull out. Fling up.

  • THANK YOU!!!

    Mosquito Net TentWow, what a first year it’s been! As versatile as the SansBug mosquito net tent is, it is proving to be a favorite for so many different people.

    From military personnel to faith-based groups, volunteers traveling abroad to those wanting to meditate outdoors, boy scouts to sugar-glider owners, geologists working in Alaska to mothers traveling to India… Not many companies can boast of having customers from 44 out of the 48 continental states within their first 10 months.  We’ve also had customers clamoring for the SansBug from as far off as Australia, Kenya and several European countries.

    Thank you all so much for your support and we’re looking forward to another exciting year.  Have a safe and bug-free holiday!

  • Meditation Tent

    Meditation TentWhat is better than reconnecting with nature than actually physically experiencing it bug-free?  I take time to meditate inside it.  I even have a screened in porch, but nothing beats being able to feel the earth beneath me while I experience raw nature around me.
    I also love taking my son outside to be in the SansBug tent and we will have a ‘picnic’ in our front yard.  Or even just being in it in odd times just for fun.  I’ve also found that it’s great for laying down in for a little nap and a quick read of a few books.  Why be inside when you can be outdoors breathing in the healthy air?
    Lately, during the fall, I’ve set it up and we rake up a bunch of leaves in a huge pile next to it and my son plays a variety of imaginary games with the tent (his house) and the leaf pile.  It’s really an imagination station for him.
    For me, as a single mom, it occupies him safely, and gives me a few minutes to get some light errands done.  It’s been an invaluable tool for both of us.  Thank you Sansbug Team!
    Mikki Lamoureux

  • Nine Months Later…

    Almost nine months later, Haiti does not look much different than it did a few days after the earthquake.  Recovery is frustratingly slow, primarily because of lack of funds.  Very little of the money pledged by the international community has been received.  Meanwhile more than a million people continue to live in temporary shelters among the rubble.  The shelters don’t offer much protection; last Friday a storm ripped through Haiti killing five and shredding and washing away thousands of shelters.  Many people lost all they had – for the second time.

    While they wait for crushers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment to clear the mountains of rubble, volunteers like Stephanie are using their own money, time and effort in helping Haiti.  Stephanie had gone through Hands On Disaster Response, a US-based volunteer-driven non-profit organization.  Although HODR assists volunteers with housing, meals and tools, volunteers have to pay their own airfare.  Stephanie spent her time removing rubble, visiting orphanages, assisting in laying down a foundation of a school, building water filters and mentoring students in a youth club.

    She had taken a SansBug 1-person pop-up mosquito net for the trip and according to her “it was a wonderful thing not to worry about bringing a heavy tent or sleeping in the bunks.”

    We had told her that a group heading to Trinidad took the tents as carry-on and stowed them in the overhead bins.  She also did the same without any problems.  The fact that the 1-person tent “can fit comfortably” in the airplanes’ overhead compartment considerably increases its value as a travel net.  Stephanie had also attached a “ceiling fan” to make her bug hut even more comfortable in the heat.  Her take on the tent?  “I quite enjoyed it and will use it again on my next trip down… hopefully in December.”  We hope that the international community will have come together by then and that she will see a substantial dent in the mountain of rubble.

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