• Saving Eyes and Lives

    Here’s an email from a Canadian Unite for Sight volunteer in Ghana:


    This is a picture of my tent in Accra, Ghana.  My tent was utterly fantastic.  Many others had tents they had to assemble while mine popped up completely on it’s own!  Also, it was quite easy to fold and store once you got the hang of it.  I am so pleased with what I paid for my tent and how useful it was to me.  I would recommend it to anyone travelling to an area where malaria is endemic.

    Not only did the SansBug protect me from mosquitoes but it also helped me feel safe to sleep on top of any bed.


    Gabriela (Saskatoon, Canada)

  • I lived in a SansBug for 11 months…

    I worked in Haiti for 11 months, and slept in my SansBug mosquito net tent every day.  I’ve used it on beds, grass and even concrete floors.  I was working on the island of La Gonave as an Environmental Engineer, working for a DC-based NGO.  I helped build treated drinking water facilities for the local communities.

    Mosquito Net TentBeing lightweight and compact, it was easy for me to take around, especially while riding on the back of a motorcycle. If people didn’t see me coming, they knew I’d passed by when they spotted the round blue bag from behind!

    Traveling on the airlines was even more fun – most people had to ask what it was, but one person even thought I was a circus artist of some sort!  I took the SansBug as carry-on with 2 other small bags, and the airlines haven’t had much problem with me.  I once had to place it in the closet space up front (where the pilots hang their coats) because it was a narrower plane and it wouldn’t be able to fit in the overhead bin.  But again, the flight attendants were pretty accommodating.  Sometimes it’s a tough fit for the net to fit through the security scanner, but I put it in diagonally and it usually works. Only once in Haiti it didn’t work but they removed it from the bag and patted it down so it was fine.

    I would recommend the SansBug mosquito net tent to anyone looking for a quick and easy set up, and a stylish solution to keeping those bugs out.  Especially useful is having the all-enclosed bottom tarp layer to keep the creepy crawlers out (particularly while sleeping on the ground).

    Yee from Michigan

  • How to Stop Bedbugs

    How to Stop Bedbugs

    Here’s a review from England, left on

    This is the 11th no-bedbug-bite-day since starting to sleep inside my new SansBug tent. Previously I was being bitten daily or every other day.  So I feel fairly sure of my ground when I say that I believe that bedbugs cannot enter a zipped-up SansBug tent.  The thing that takes up my time is making sure I don’t take bedbugs into the SansBug myself!

    They can hide in the seams of clothing and are very small, especially in the early life-cycle stages.  So for bedbugs, you have to treat the SansBug much like nurses and surgeons treat an operating theater – do not enter it unless you have tried to make sure you are free of ‘bugs’.  Anything I wear in bed or cover myself with only goes inside the SansBug after laundering above 40C, ideally 50C. And then it stays in there with the zip closed – until it comes out for re-laundering.  I only open the zip when I need to; I never leave it open.

    So now the SansBug is a bedbug-free-zone.  If you leave the zip open or enter the SansBug wearing your street clothes, you are asking for trouble.

    Bedbugs aside, I like the way the SansBug folds-up, and the subsequent small space it takes up.

  • Scout Camp, Canvas Tents and Mosquito Netting

    Mosquito Netting in Canvas TentsIt’s been a hot summer with many temperature records broken all over the country.  In fact, this year is the hottest on record in the US, even beating records set during the Dust Bowl.  The very hot summer in collaboration with the mild winter and early spring seems to have contributed to a spike in reported cases of West Nile virus.  2012 already has the highest number of cases of WNV disease reported to the CDC since the virus was first detected in the US in 1999.

    All the more reason to equip your scout with mosquito netting.  The SansBug provides an easy and convenient solution by providing protection at the release of an elastic strap.  One user left this feedback on Amazon: “This thing is crazy wonderful. Toss it in the air and it lands as a full little tent.”

    Mark, who accompanied his son to scout camp,  sent this pic of a SansBug III in a canvas tent: “The canvas tent was basically used as a rain cover for the SansBug III.  I did not stake the left side of the tent so I could have room to get into the tent from the side… The SansBug was easy to setup and take down.  I really enjoy your product.”  The SansBug I can be placed on a cot within a canvas tent.

    Don’t take a chance… send your scout into the wilderness fully equipped!

  • Camp Buck Toms

    Camp Buck TomsDear SansBug Friends,

    We had a great week of Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee.  We were in 3-sided cabins known as Adirondacks.  Nice sturdy structures that shelter the weather, but open air and accessible to spiders, mosquitoes, and other varmints.  The SansBug I’s fit nicely in the bunk-beds and provided both protection and peace of mind.  They were a big hit for the scouts who had them (and the envy of those who didn’t)!

    Best regards,
    Kurt Neubek
    Houston, TX

  • Free-standing Mosquito Nets for Conservationists

    Northern Jaguar Reserve(The SansBug) assures me that I have a good bug, scorpion and snake proof tent to sleep in every night.

    Here’s a letter from Rick Williams, the reserve manager of the Northern Jaguar Reserve in northern Sonora, Mexico.   The reserve is managed by Northern Jaguar Project (NJP), formed by conservationists from the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.  The NJP is dedicated to ensure protection of the jaguar in its northernmost range, as well as a host of other threatened species and habitat.  Please visit their website at to learn more about this beautiful creature and their efforts to protect it.

    Rick took the picture on the left when he was using the SansBug III to supervise a construction project.  He used a small section of a used billboard tarp for a ground cloth for added thorn protection.

    Hello SansBug,

     I’m writing to tell you how much I have relied on my (two) SansBugs both for comfort and safety, as well as piece of mind and getting a good night’s sleep.  I am the reserve manager for the newly-formed Northern Jaguar Reserve in the northeastern region of the state of Sonora, Mexico.  (Yes, we have a sustainable population of wild jaguars, the same as the jungle cat, just south of the U.S. border.  They once ranged throughout much of the southern U.S. and we’re hoping our conservation efforts will help to re-populate some of these areas someday through natural dispersal.)

     The NJR consists of over 50 thousand acres of former ranches in rough foothill mountains, and with the infrastructure very primitive, I camp every night I’m there, often moving daily to a new location.  The ease of setting up and taking down a SansBug is a great help so I can concentrate more on my work than on making and breaking camp every day.  And, of course, this convenience assures me that I have a good bug, scorpion and snake proof tent to sleep in every night.  Without the SansBug, I’m sure that some nights I would cut corners from being tired, not properly fix a mosquito net or pitch a conventional pole-stake-rope-rainfly tent, and get bitten by something, or at least awakened in the middle of the night by the inevitable buzzing in my ear of mosquitos.  As well, I greatly enjoy the almost all net design, because the reserve is hot during much of the year.

    Thank you so much for your product, and I might say as well for selling it at a reasonable price.


    Rick Williams

    Reserve Manager

    Northern Jaguar Reserve

  • From Anchorage to Baramita

    Mosquito Net TentNot much to accompany this pic other than it is from a very remote area – Baramita – a small mining village in the north-western part of Guyana which is only accessible by plane or a 7-day trek through the jungle!  When you’re going remote, you want a mosquito net that can stand up by itself; not one that needs to be suspended.  Here’s the 5/5 feedback left by this customer on Amazon:

    Very Amazing Tent – This tent is great, very light, and very, very easy to put up and take down. The instructions are difficult to read for taking the tent down so I recommend getting on YouTube and watching it there (makes it much easier)…

  • Bedbug Tent!

    I literally went from 2-7 bed bug bites per night to zero the first night in the tent, and I never got one since.

    Here are imagBedbug Meshes of a bedbug in it’s various life cycle, courtesy of Department of Medical Entomology, Westmead Hospital in Australia.  Below is the image of the SansBug mesh also magnified by ten.  It’s easy to see why Mark was able to remain unscathed after he started sleeping in the SansBug:

    “As you’ll recall, I was pretty careless with bedding and clothes inside and outside the tent, but I literally went from 2-7 bed bug bites per night to zero the first night in the tent, and I never got one since.  It was absolutely worth the price of the tent to maintain my sanity until I could be out of the apartment for 24 hours, so someone could spray the place down and I wouldn’t have to breath it at all.  The ease with which I could set it up and take it down indoors, even in my tiny bedroom, has been great, too.  I really do love this thing.”

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