• Bonding with your Avian Friend

    My bird and I do just about everything together; she is a highly intelligent African gray parrot. When I go outside I have to be careful and very vigilant for birds of prey, cats, and mosquitoes. Due to the sensitivity of their immune system, a single mosquito bite can kill them. If they are bitten by a mosquito that carries a virus or other disease and they get it, in most cases it is not treatable and it is only a matter of time before the bird will perish.

    I personally enjoy spending time outdoors with her because I do not believe she should be locked up in a house all the time. I enjoy sitting next to the river at Yorktown beach in Virginia and I like to read but she does not like to be caged while sitting next to me. Up until now I have had her in a cage that folds up for easy travel and transfer, with a custom mosquito net that slides over the top of it to keep mosquitoes out, but she is still separated from me. She prefers to sit on my shoulder with me while I read. We can now share our lunch together on picnics. This way I can have her with me while staying cool since the breeze will be able to come through but the bugs will not be able to get in.  It will also give me precious seconds that I may need if there is an animal nearby that tries an attack.

    I am already passing it on to various people in my bird groups because a lot of us enjoy having our birds with us but need them protected from insects as well as out of the sight of predator birds.  Thank you again for making it possible!


  • Helping Non-profits Sleep on the Job

    I slept in my SansBug every night and I didn’t get malaria.  Our executive director didn’t sleep in his, and he did get malaria.

    Say that again?  One more time, please?

    We would like to introduce you to an awesome non-profit organization that is doing an even more awesome job.  InStove Solutions produces advanced-design stoves for the world’s poorest.  Their super-efficient stoves (confirmed by USAID to be the world’s most efficient) reduce the fuel used by up to 90%, thus reducing the demand for wood, preserving forests and helping combat global warming.  Three of their team members recently traveled to Nigeria to set up their first factory abroad and SansBug was there to protect them!

    Here’s an email from JD, the production manager:

    Our project was a success.  I slept in my SansBug every night and I didn’t get malaria.  (Our executive director didn’t sleep in his, and he did get malaria).  So I would say that the tents worked very well.  Thanks so much for the help with our last minute order.  Attached is a crappy pic of the SansBug in action in my Nigerian hotel room.  Sorry I don’t have anything better.

    Thanks Again.

    JD Laurich
    Institutional Stove Solutions

    Visit their website to read more about their work!


  • How Do I Love Thee? #99:

    Tarey: Just writing to say I love you!  A brown recluse infestation made it impossible to sleep in my house at night when spiders are active.  I was sleeping in my car!  This is exactly what I need!  I’m sharing mine with a dog in a spider infested house.  Very comfortable.

    SansBug: Thanks so much for the email.  We always love to hear how the SansBug is being used.  Can we share your story on our blog?  We hope the infestation is taken care of!

    Tarey: Of course you may share it on your blog. My dogs love sleeping inside the SansBug too. I think I’ll buy one for them. Thanks again for a great product!

    Tarey: Here’s a pic, but don’t use my full name on the blog. People would be afraid to visit. The treatment for the spiders takes a few months. So happy to sleep safe. Every pest control company in brown recluse territory should know about SansBug. Thanks again!

    Spider Tent

  • Resica Falls Scout Reservation

    Resica Falls Scout Reservation

    Last year, I was looking for mosquito netting to help my son Jacob deal with the pending Boy Scout summer camp we were going to attend at Resica Falls Scout Reservation (he’s very afraid of spiders), and I came across several YouTube videos that explained the SansBug and how it worked. In particular the picture on your website of other Scouts using a SansBug on very similar cots in canvas tents convinced us and we ordered a SansBug for both Jacob and his brother Joshua. They worked perfectly and led to several other Scouts in our troop purchasing their own SansBug.

    With this years’ summer camp in the Poconos we’ve used them again, and they’ve held up very well. We’re very glad to have and use your products and look forward to enjoying them into the future. Here’s a picture of our boys’ tent with the SansBugs (please pardon the mess!); we were at Resica Falls Scout Reservation north of East Stroudsburg, PA from 7/7/13 to 7/13/13. We had a great time! Thank you so much.


  • Camp T. Brady Saunders

    Camp T. Brady SaundersWith a few days left to go for boy scout summer camp at Camp T. Brady Saunders, and the SansBug out of stock on Amazon, we were able to ship Joe a 1-person just in time for his son’s trip.  Here’s an email from him:

    Thank you again for sending the SansBug mosquito net to me via FedEx.  It arrived on time, and we were able to practice with it – and watch the videos before going to camp. 

    Setting it up in the tent at scout summer camp was very easy – and I was pleased to see that it wasn’t too large in the tent. The SansBug generated a lot of interest and envy with the other scouts!  I have included a picture of it on a cot in the tent.  It is a great product!

    Thanks again – Joe

  • SansBug in Senegal

    Researchers from Stanford University recently took the SansBug mosquito net tents to Senegal for a project on early language acquisition by children living in rural villages.  Here’s a picture of two of their fieldwork team members.

  • Habari gani? Mzuri sana!

    They worked great!”  First Baptist of Fayetteville, TN sent a group of 44 to Uganda for 9 days this month.  Sherry was kind enough to share this pic with us.  Not only would it have taken a while to suspend 44 regular mosquito nets from those steel beams, but looking at that floor, tucking the nets under the mattress or sleeping bag would probably have frayed the material.  Furthermore, the nets can become dislodged from under the sleeping bag during the night exposing you to mosquitoes.  In a situation like this, the SansBug is the best choice, hands down.

  • Now available in Europe!

    The SansBug can now be shipped to 26 EU countries:

    • Germany
    • France
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Belgium
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Ireland
    • Portugal
    • Austria
    • Bulgaria
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Malta
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Sweden

    It is as much loved on the other side of the pond… here are some reviews on

    “This has got to be the best idea invented to keep the bugs and creepy crawlers from interrupting your rest. Simple to use and fold away and it is very big and roomy.”

    “Got him one of these to sleep in on his bed, and you should have seen this face when he snuggled up for bed feeling 100% safe.  Thinking about getting one for myself now!”

    “So now the SansBug is a bedbug-free-zone.”

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