• Ice storms, polar vertexes and bothrops atrox

    Who remembers the Great Winter of 2013-14?  Now that the weather has warmed up, the ice storms and polar vertexes have become a hazy memory.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of weather all year round?  But a tropical climate will come with it’s own fauna like the bothrops atrox, a venomous pit viper found in South America.  Here it is, slithering towards a tent.  Unfortunately, that particular tebothrops atroxnt doesn’t have a floor, so it’s no surprise that the occupant didn’t wait around too long!  And it seems to be coming from the SansBug where the sewn-in floor thwarted entry into the tesnake tentnt!

    Thanks so much to Dr. Ernesto Ortiz of Duke University for sending these pics.  Dr. Ortiz is studying infectious diseases in the Peruvian Amazon.  Here’s part of an email from him:

    I just bought another SansBug tent,  they are amazing!  Very useful for the field.  I take it to the Peruvian rainforest for our research fieldwork trips (very hot, lots of bugs and humid) and it even protected me from one of the most poisonous snakes of the Amazonsnake-proof tent (look at the picture attached).
    Thanks to its floor, it prevented the snake to get into the tent something that the other bug net (the white) did not have.  As for the guy that was in the floor-less tent he flew out of it when I woke him up screaming out loud that a snake was next to him and could easily sneak into his floor-less tent.
    It was a pretty scary moment to wake up and see a snake right next to my tent.  Anyway, part of the adventures of working in the jungle

    My best,

    Ernesto J. Ortiz, MD, MPH
    Associate in Research
    Duke Global Health Institute



  • Special Needs Bed Net

    The SansBug bed net has been a God send to us regarding the safety of our son with special needs. Our son has Down Syndrome and autism, and as such he has no awareness of danger and has many sensory seeking behaviors.

    We were at a loss as to what to use to keep him safe at night once he outgrew his crib. We did a lot of research on various special needs sights regarding special needs beds, since our insurance wouldn’t cover them and they were thousands of dollars, we had to get creative.

    I had read a blog about a mom who used a SansBug bed net to keep her son safe. I researched the SansBug and it seemed like it might work, plus it was VERY affordable!

    We ordered our SansBug and moved our son into his first big boy bed! It worked wonderfully! It lays on top of his mattress, has room for him and ALL of his friends and many blankets that he likes in his bed. We did try putting a foam mattress inside the tent, he did not like it and bunched it up and put it to one side. He prefers laying on the bottom of the tent for sensory reasons, so each night we put down a comforter for him to lay on, but he pushes it to the side within minutes, lol.

    Special Needs Bed NetWe also modified the ends by putting fabric on them so it decreases his sensory input so he can sleep, this has worked great. We have found out that the strings that hold up that flap are too much temptation for him; he has pulled them so hard he snapped the fiberglass poles that hold up the tent! But, I’m pleased to say that they popped outside the tent and he was never at risk of injury, another design plus.

    We will be getting another SansBug tent with a poly floor for our little guy, we will cover the ends again, but this time we will cut out the straps so he isn’t tempted to pull on them again! Also, he did tear the netting by digging at it (sensory), but it sewed up beautifully and held without tearing.

    I can’t say enough about the SansBug tent; it has given this mom and dad peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night without fear for our little guy.

    Thank you SansBug!

    June B., NY

    Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of the customer. HMT does not sell the SansBug as a medical device. Please consult with your physician or other health care provider before using the SansBug bed net for your child with special needs.

  • Tarp or Poly?


    You talked.  We listened.  You mentioned that the tarp makes noise when you move in your sleep, so we came up with a with a 1-person poly floor version.  The poly is the same material as the roof.  It is also 5oz. lighter and not as bulky as the tarp.  So if you’re using the net to lay on a smooth and soft surface, like a (air-)mattress or carpet, then you should go with the poly floor.  But if you’re using the net to lay on a camping cot or on the ground, then get the tarp.  Otherwise, both 1-person nets are identical and both protect against bedbugs.

  • London – Cape Town – Cairo in 39 WEEKS!

    africa overlandThat’s like 9 months!  Traveling with 25 other people in an 18-ton bright-yellow truck through 28 countries all around Africa is not your typical vacation.  You will trace the rugged Atlantic coast skirting the Sahara desert, cut through the Congo forest, make your way over the Kalahari and up Table mountain, then snake along the Great Rift Valley past the foothills of Kilimanjaro ending your gazillion-mile road-trip at the pyramids of Egypt.  Crazy?  You bet!  That’s your ultimate experience-Africa adventure trip courtesy of Oasis Overland.

    africa overland

    So what’s your most important piece of gear apart from the truck?  How about something that would protect you from the scorpions in the desert, snakes in the rainforest and mosquitoes everywhere else?  When this year’s group staked their lives on the SansBug to protect them throughout their odyssey, we were… honored.  But seriously, who wants to join poles to erect a tent every single night – for two-hundred-and-something nights  – and then take it apart the next morning?  With the SansBug, you slide off the elastic strap and it pops open into shape… faster than you can say hakuna matata.

    Six weeks into the trip, the group is now in Guinea.  Next stop?  Sierra Leone.  We can’t wait to get a detailed feedback once they’re back safe and sound in London!

  • O Haiti, how art thou?

    In a couple of weeks, it’s going tHaitio be 4 years since the earthquake struck.  The media’s attention is no longer focused on Haiti… but some people haven’t forgotten.  Here’s part of an email from Karen about using the mosquito net for disaster response:

    I used your SansBug I when I was part of a military (medical) aid mission to Haiti.  It was amazing.  My medical unit was the only unit that had these amazing mosquito nets that just popped up and protected us.  Everyone else had the old nets that tucked around your cot or sleeping bag  My husband and I did end up adopting two young men from Haiti.  One is now married and one is finishing college. We were the only group that did not get bitten by mosquitoes at night.  I am now going back to Haiti on a mission to drill a well and provide clean water to a village…

  • Tropical Décor

    tropical bed net

    We have tried all sorts of solutions and tested them with the locals; these SansBug bed nets are by far the best!

    Here are a couple of pictures of Bobby’s new home in Panama.  The large windows bring in the fresh tropical breeze but along with some uninvited guests!  Bobby and his family moved from the US and they live on an island where they teach the locals how to farm in the tropics.

  • SansBug in Belize

    mission trip mosquito nets

    They worked wonderfully. Everyone was really glad they had them!

    Keith Sherrell, Minister of Worship

    First Baptist Church of Blanchard, LA sent a group of 16 to Belize this summer.  Keith sent this picture of the tents.  Notice that the mosquito nets have been placed on air mattresses.  The nets are free-standing so they didn’t have to worry about placing them in a spot where they could be suspended.  Just unzip, slide out and toss up!

  • SansBug in Laos

    Wiebke from Cologne, Germany sent this picture of the SansBug in a guesthouse in northern Laos.  Her original plan was to only use it during home-stays, but she ended up popping it open in quite a few guesthouses, too.  It definitely set my mind at ease knowing that I would not be bitten by mosquitoes at night or find some kind of creepy crawly on my pillow when waking up.

    The highlight of the trip: My fellow travelers eyed my SansBug suspiciously for the first few days, but when we spend the night in a local village and the room we were sleeping in had an ant infestation in one corner, they asked whether I would mind swapping places with them.  I set my SansBug up right where the ants were and they didn’t bother me at all!

    By the way, Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Danke, Wiebke, that’s one more country we can add to our list of countries visited!

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