Mosquito Nets for NGOs

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom is in the business of saving smiles in remote parts of the world, one child at a time.  Her team currently serves 9000+ children.  They have worked extensively among the Miskito Indians (no, not related to the word mosquito) in northeast Nicaragua.  Many of the towns in this area are only accessible […]

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Taking the SansBug on a Plane

traveling with the sansbug

The convenience vs. portability trade-off.  No net can come close to the convenience of the SansBug.  There’s no need to hunt for a spot to suspend it like a regular mosquito net or join poles to erect one.  Imagine doing that every night and taking it down again the next morning, if you were moving from […]

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Bass Fishing without the Mosquito Bites

Bass Fishing

It is usually this time of the year when we have to deal with biting cold temps and shoveling heavy wet snow when we have nostalgic memories of the past summer. Here is an email from Ryan who was very impressed with the pop-up screen shelter: My name is Ryan Dotson and I am a […]

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Folding your SansBug

Every year, we get an email or two saying that when they pulled out their SansBug for summer camp, they found that the poles were splintered… and it was fine the previous year.  Folding the SansBug is not intuitive.  The paper instruction manual is only supplementary.  The demo video on YouTube is crucial without which […]

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Getting Ready for the Game

The crazy stubborn winter is finally behind us and as we look forward to summer, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding us to be careful and prevent bites.  The number of reported cases of disease from mosquito, tick and flea bites have tripled in the US over the last 13 years. This […]

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Spot the SansBug!

As seen on istagram: @nicholsquarters, #sansbug #burkina. Can you spot the SansBug somewhere amongst the domes of Fabedougou? The domes are limestone rocks sculpted over millenia.  They can be found 3km north of Karfiguela Falls in Burkina Faso. Here’s another pic up close of the impressive rock formations. By Maarten van der Bent – Dômes […]

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Boat Tent

The pic was sent by Tony from Key West.  Most of us are dreaming of going somewhere warm for the next few months to escape from winter, while Tony is planning to build the world’s first underwater hotel!  Here’s part of an email from him: I have purchased two of the pop-ups.  Another can be […]

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Jeep Tent

jeep overland camping

I love overland camping, but hate packing up afterwards.  Sound familiar?  Here’s an email from Steve: This idea came to me a little while ago.  I have installed a heavy external frame ( by Smittybilt ) and attached an 7′ basket  to the top of my Jeep.   The problem is finding a tent to fit […]

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