Mosquito Nets for Summer Camp

It’s that time of the year again when the earth springs into life… but this year there is expected to be a little more activity.  A dozen states from NY to IL and south to GA will see billions of cicadas emerge this month or next after spending 17 years underground.  They will mate, lay eggs and die and the nymphs will hatch and burrow underground to repeat the cycle in 2038.  Unlike mosquitoes, cicadas are pretty much harmless but their buzzing mating calls are as loud as a lawnmower or a motorcycle!  Regardless of the increased traffic, the main culprit to watch out for is still the mosquito.  After a relatively mild winter, there are expected to be more mosquitoes this summer and an increase in West Nile virus cases this year.  Which is why it makes sense to protect you and your kids with a mosquito net tent – a totally enclosed bug shelter with a floor.  The open-air platform tents at summer camp are just that – open to all kinds of bugs and mosquito nets draped over PVC frames do little to thwart the pesky skeeters which still manage to sneak in through the gaps between the floorboards.

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