SansBug in Laos

Wiebke from Cologne, Germany sent this picture of the SansBug mosquito net in a guesthouse in northern Laos.  Her original plan was to only use it during home-stays, but she ended up popping it open in quite a few guesthouses, too.  It definitely set my mind at ease knowing that I would not be bitten by mosquitoes at night or find some kind of creepy crawly on my pillow when waking up.

The highlight of the trip: My fellow travelers eyed my SansBug suspiciously for the first few days, but when we spend the night in a local village and the room we were sleeping in had an ant infestation in one corner, they asked whether I would mind swapping places with them.  I set my SansBug up right where the ants were and they didn’t bother me at all!

By the way, Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Danke, Wiebke, that’s one more country we can add to our list of countries visited!