Nod of Approval

January 9, 1438hrs: Please be advised our office must purchase three SansBug III for members going on mission overseas.

The Mounties may always get their man but even they need protection.  Three RCMP officers were deploying to Cambodia for one year to investigate crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide committed during the Khmer Rouge regime.   While interrogating witnesses in remote jungle locations, they had to deal with stubborn ants in their beds and pesky frogs in the bathroom.

thumbs up2 months later: Please be advised three of my colleagues have had the opportunity to try the tents on a mission to Cambodia. They indicated they are all satisfied with the construction and the rapidity to install the pop-up mosquito nets.

So on one side of the world, the tents are being used to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone and on the other side of the world in Cambodia, they’re being used to bring the bad guys to justice.  Not bad, eh?