Malaria and Mosquito Net Tents

mosquito net tentWe recently had some high school students from the Copenhagen International School in Denmark use the SansBug II for their trip to Thailand.  The students were part of the Burmese Refugee Assistance Program (BRAP), a charitable organization which they founded to help refugees who have migrated to northwest Thailand to escape the political upheaval in eastern Burma (Myanmar).  Here is Tim’s feedback about the SansBug:

“We got back last week from a great trip to Thailand. It was an amazing experience and we were so glad that we could help the locals in their daily struggle for survival.  The (SansBug) mosquito (net) tents were absolutely brilliant, they helped us so much – none of us got any mosquito bites, no malaria (thank God), no scorpions, snakes, spiders, or lizards in our tents!  I have attached… a picture of the hut we slept in with the tents.”

Malaria accounts for 25% of all deaths in eastern Burma.  Comparitively, gunshot wounds account for 0.6%.  Since malaria prevalence also increases as you move closer to the border with Burma, the BRAP team made a wise decision to take the SansBug with them.  You can read more about BRAP and their work on their website.