2016 Scout Summer Camp (without the mosquito bites!)

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As summer camp draws closer, we’ve compiled some reviews from parents and scout leaders about the SansBug.  Happy bite-free camping!

sansbug reviews

Camp Sequassen

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Hello SansBug,
Our leaders and I would also like to thank you for helping us out with such a great product. They kept the bugs out and saved the leaders from having to do bug sweeps each night. We did a overnight canoe trip to a small island in which we had limited space to get our gear there. The scouts packed up their tents and put them in their canoes and took them with them. The tents were a extremely easy way of getting shelter ţo the island by canoe. I attached a couple pictures. In the future we will be offering this great product to all of our new scouts each year.  
Thanks again!
G. Miller
Troop 143
Woodbridge NJ
Camp Sequassen
Scout Camp
Curatole Island

Resica Falls Scout Reservation

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Last year, I was looking for mosquito netting to help my son Jacob deal with the pending Boy Scout summer camp we were going to attend (he’s very afraid of spiders), and I came across several YouTube videos that explained the SansBug and how it worked. In particular the picture on your website of other Scouts using a SansBug on very similar cots in canvas tents convinced us and we ordered a SansBug for both Jacob and his brother Joshua. They worked perfectly and led to several other Scouts in our troop purchasing their own SansBug.

With this years’ summer camp in the Poconos we’ve used them again, and they’ve held up very well. We’re very glad to have and use your products and look forward to enjoying them into the future. Here’s a picture of our boys’ tent with the SansBugs (please pardon the mess!); we were at Resica Falls Scout Reservation north of East Stroudsburg, PA from 7/7/13 to 7/13/13. We had a great time! Thank you so much.


Camp T. Brady Saunders

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With a few days left to go for boy scout summer camp at Camp T. Brady Saunders, and the SansBug out of stock on Amazon, we were able to ship Joe a 1-person just in time for his son’s trip.  Here’s an email from him:

Thank you again for sending the SansBug to me via FedEx.  It arrived on time, and we were able to practice with it – and watch the videos before going to camp. 

Setting it up in the tent at scout summer camp was very easy – and I was pleased to see that it wasn’t too large in the tent. The SansBug generated a lot of interest and envy with the other scouts!  I have included a picture of it on a cot in the tent.  It is a great product!

Thanks again – Joe

Scout Camp, Canvas Tents and Mosquito Netting

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Freestanding Mosquito NetIt’s been a hot summer with many temperature records broken all over the country.  In fact, this year is the hottest on record in the US, even beating records set during the Dust Bowl.  The very hot summer in collaboration with the mild winter and early spring seems to have contributed to a spike in reported cases of West Nile virus.  2012 already has the highest number of cases of WNV disease reported to the CDC since the virus was first detected in the US in 1999.

All the more reason to equip your scout with mosquito netting.  The SansBug provides an easy and convenient solution by providing protection at the release of an elastic strap.  One user left this feedback on Amazon: “This thing is crazy wonderful. Toss it in the air and it lands as a full little tent.”

Mark, who accompanied his son to scout camp,  sent this pic of a SansBug III in a canvas tent: “The canvas tent was basically used as a rain cover for the Sansbug III.  I did not stake the left side of the tent so I could have room to get into the tent from the side… The Sansbug was easy to setup and take down.  I really enjoy your product.”  The SansBug I can be placed on a cot within a canvas tent.

Don’t take a chance… send your scout into the wilderness fully equipped!

SansBug Tents at Camp Buck Toms

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Free-standing Bed NetDear SansBug Friends,

We had a great week of Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee.  We were in 3-sided cabins known as Adirondacks.  Nice sturdy structures that shelter the weather, but open air and accessible to spiders, mosquitoes, and other varmints.  The Sansbug I’s (free-standing mosquito net tents) fit nicely in the bunk-beds and provided both protection and peace of mind.  They were a big hit for the scouts who had them (and the envy of those who didn’t)!

Best regards,
Kurt Neubek
Houston, TX

Mosquito Netting for Boy Scouts

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Camp Rodney, MD

Here are some photos of the SansBug tents on cots in a boy scout wall tent.  My son and two other boys used SansBug (1-person) tents on this trip to Camp Rodney in Maryland last week.  Camp Rodney is located on the Chesapeake, the ‘permanent’, canvas scout tents are filled with spiders. The SansBug fit very well inside the wall tents and did an excellent job keeping the boys bug-free!  All three boys were thankful to have the SansBug, they all agreed it made their stay at camp much more enjoyable without the worry of having any critters bothering them in the middle of the night.

We will certainly recommend the SansBug to everyone, it is an excellent product!

Best regards,

Lisa, Joe & Joey, NJ

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