How to Stop Bedbugs

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How to Stop Bedbugs

Here’s a review from England, left on

This is the 11th no-bedbug-bite-day since starting to sleep inside my new SansBug tent. Previously I was being bitten daily or every other day.  So I feel fairly sure of my ground when I say that I believe that bedbugs cannot enter a zipped-up SansBug tent.  The thing that takes up my time is making sure I don’t take bedbugs into the SansBug myself!

They can hide in the seams of clothing and are very small, especially in the early life-cycle stages.  So for bedbugs, you have to treat the SansBug much like nurses and surgeons treat an operating theater – do not enter it unless you have tried to make sure you are free of ‘bugs’.  Anything I wear in bed or cover myself with only goes inside the SansBug after laundering above 40C, ideally 50C. And then it stays in there with the zip closed – until it comes out for re-laundering.  I only open the zip when I need to; I never leave it open.

So now the SansBug is a bedbug-free-zone.  If you leave the zip open or enter the SansBug wearing your street clothes, you are asking for trouble.

Bedbugs aside, I like the way the SansBug folds-up, and the subsequent small space it takes up.

Bedbug Tent!

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I literally went from 2-7 bed bug bites per night to zero the first night in the tent, and I never got one since.

Here are imagBedbug Meshes of a bedbug in it’s various life cycle, courtesy of Department of Medical Entomology, Westmead Hospital in Australia.  Below is the image of the SansBug mesh also magnified by ten.  It’s easy to see why Mark was able to remain unscathed after he started sleeping in the SansBug:

“As you’ll recall, I was pretty careless with bedding and clothes inside and outside the tent, but I literally went from 2-7 bed bug bites per night to zero the first night in the tent, and I never got one since.  It was absolutely worth the price of the tent to maintain my sanity until I could be out of the apartment for 24 hours, so someone could spray the place down and I wouldn’t have to breath it at all.  The ease with which I could set it up and take it down indoors, even in my tiny bedroom, has been great, too.  I really do love this thing.”

Bedbug Protection

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No bedbug bites since sleeping in the tentAfter Amy Terlitsky mentioned the SansBug’s ability to protect against bedbugs, we’ve seen quite a few sales for the same purpose.  Mark, a graduate student at UPenn, sent the following:

“It’s only been a few nights so far, but, as far as I can tell, I have not been bitten since I started sleeping in the tent! (And that’s after 2-5 bites per night, nightly, prior to receiving it, on the extremities or my neck.) I only washed my bedding the first night, too — I haven’t been very vigilant or diligent about not bringing eggs and nymphs in with me. I suppose I might get a few bites if some eggs hatch, but then I’d just wash all the bedding again and wipe down the tent. The tent is definitely helping me preserve my sanity until I get a professional in!”

And here’s an update a few days later:

Still no bites. All the old ones are fading, so I should be able to easily tell if I get a new one. It’s fantastic.

Bed-Bug Tent?

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A bed bug infestation in your home will probably not only cause your friends to keep their distance but will also result in many nights of insomnia.   So when Amy Terlitsky sent us the email below on returning from Liberia, it was another feather in the cap for SansBug.

“Our team returned safe and sound thanks to our (SansBug) tents.  Another point to make about the benefit of your tents, is that IF you get to use them on a bunk bed or a mattress, the sturdy plastic lining helps protect from bed bugs!!!  Here is a photo of one of our bunks with the Sansbug tents- we had 6 in all.  This photo is from Vonzua – Liberia, Africa.”

The super-fine mesh and the sewn-in polyethylene groundsheet offers total protection from bugs.  Even if a bed bug hitches a ride into the tent by landing on your clothes or your bed sheets, there’s not much place to hide inside the tent.  So if you don’t want to show up for work half asleep and with itchy red welts, look into sleeping in a SansBug tent.  The 1-person tent is 86 inches long so it should fit on a bed without a headboard and footboard.  The SansBug should allow you to sleep in peace and comfort while you work on long-term measures to control and get rid of bed bugs permanently.

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