Travel Mosquito Net

travel mosquito net

The SansBug travel mosquito net is going places.  Here is a review from Daniel Kim of ODPC in Herndon, VA:

“We bought 30 SansBug (mosquito net) tents for our church’s missions trip to The Gambia (West Africa) last year.  They were perfect for us because we were looking for light and durable tents with good mosquito netting that wouldn’t cost us a small fortune.  I would definitely recommend these tents to anyone!

Here are some pictures of our team sleeping in an open courtyard at our base camp.  We were given rooms to sleep in but it was just too hot so most of us decided to take our sleeping pads and SansBug tents outside.  It was great to sleep in the open air without the worry of getting bitten by mosquitoes.  The best thing we love about these tents was the fact that they were so travel friendly.  While in The Gambia we visited several different locations to do our work and there were times where we had to stay the night away from our base camp.  Because we had our SansBug travel tents we were able to setup and breakdown quickly.  This was very important to us because we knew that we didn’t have much time in the morning before we started our day’s work.”