I lived in a SansBug for 11 months…

I worked in Haiti for 11 months, and slept in my SansBug mosquito net tent every day.  I’ve used it on beds, grass and even concrete floors.  I was working on the island of La Gonave as an Environmental Engineer, working for a DC-based NGO.  I helped build treated drinking water facilities for the local communities.

Mosquito Net TentBeing lightweight and compact, it was easy for me to take around, especially while riding on the back of a motorcycle. If people didn’t see me coming, they knew I’d passed by when they spotted the round blue bag from behind!

Traveling on the airlines was even more fun – most people had to ask what it was, but one person even thought I was a circus artist of some sort!  I took the SansBug as carry-on with 2 other small bags, and the airlines haven’t had much problem with me.  I once had to place it in the closet space up front (where the pilots hang their coats) because it was a narrower plane and it wouldn’t be able to fit in the overhead bin.  But again, the flight attendants were pretty accommodating.  Sometimes it’s a tough fit for the net to fit through the security scanner, but I put it in diagonally and it usually works. Only once in Haiti it didn’t work but they removed it from the bag and patted it down so it was fine.

I would recommend the SansBug mosquito net tent to anyone looking for a quick and easy set up, and a stylish solution to keeping those bugs out.  Especially useful is having the all-enclosed bottom tarp layer to keep the creepy crawlers out (particularly while sleeping on the ground).

Yee from Michigan