Operation Fight-Ebola

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Checking for body fluid residual after personal decontamination during pre-deployment training.

In late November, the Canadian military contacted us for a rush order to outfit a team heading to Africa in a week or two.  We didn’t ask where they were going and they didn’t tell.  A quick search on google revealed the mission is the Canadian government’s response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.  The plan is to have military medical personnel in Sierra Leone for 6 months; each team will work for about 2 months in an Ebola treatment center and be replaced by another.  So the first team of 37 doctors, nurses, medics and specialists should be coming home soon.

We haven’t received much feedback about the tents other than the sergeant who ordered them gushing I’m so excited after receiving them.  Yup, that’s what the SansBug does to you… it can make the most battle-hardened veteran weak at the knees.  And then a couple of days later, we got the message that everyone seems happy with your product!

The year-long outbreak, which is the largest in history, has claimed 9,380 lives according to the CDC (as of February 15).  There was a steep decline of confirmed cases in January but that has leveled out with Sierra Leone having 76 new confirmed cases last week.  The outbreak will not be declared over until there are no new confirmed cases for 6 weeks.

Raw Organic Honey from the Newest-Country-in-the-World

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It’s always interesting to read where and how the SansBug is being used in different parts of the world.  Chris, Managing Director of LoneStar – Africa Works, an Austin-based non-profit is working with beekeepers in South Sudan to sell their honey in USA.  He just got back last week after a month-long trip.  Here’s part of an email from him:

The tent worked great. Used the four-fold with the strong cinch strap and packed it carefully in my bag. Kept it in tri-fold once I reached the ground. For the first time since 2009 I could wake up without bites.

In fact I had the best sleep of the whole trip in the SansBug, deployed on the mattress in a tukul hut at the remote farm of our beekeeper-partners. Unfortunately my camera was out of batteries by then.

But everyone who saw it asked about the SansBug. High quality item. Am recommending it to a friend of mine who has moved to South Sudan with his family.

Even when staying in hotels, he preferred to deploy the SansBug since the mosquito nets provided are usually torn.

Check out their crowd-funding page for their project!

Free-standing Mosquito Nets for Doctors without Borders

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dear_docNow that Ebola has claimed its first victim in the US, more of us are concerned and worried.  We find ourselves paying attention to the headlines mentioning it and reading more about it.  But many of our doctors have been choosing to work in West Africa since the outbreak was announced in March despite the risks.  When Duncan’s own family was not able to sleep after seeing him via video and declined to see him again, we can imagine what the doctors have to go through when they are up close and attend to so many patients that some have to be turned away.

We all can do something, however small, in one way or another.  HMT has decided to donate a SansBug to every physician with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) heading to West Africa to help with the outbreak.  If you know of such a physician, please request him or her to contact us so we can ship them a SansBug.

London – Cape Town – Cairo in 39 WEEKS!

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africaThat’s like 9 months!  Traveling with 25 other people in an 18-ton bright-yellow truck through 28 countries all around Africa is not your typical vacation.  You will trace the rugged Atlantic coast skirting the Sahara desert, cut through the Congo forest, make your way over the Kalahari and up Table mountain, then snake along the Great Rift Valley past the foothills of Kilimanjaro ending your gazillion-mile road-trip at the pyramids of Egypt.  Crazy?  You bet!  That’s your ultimate experience-Africa adventure trip courtesy of Oasis Overland.


So what’s your most important piece of gear apart from the truck?  How about something that would protect you from the scorpions in the desert, snakes in the rainforest and mosquitoes everywhere else?  When this year’s group staked their lives on the SansBug to protect them throughout their odyssey, we were… honored.  But seriously, who wants to join poles to erect a tent every single night – for two-hundred-and-something nights  – and then take it apart the next morning?  With the SansBug, you slide off the elastic strap and it pops open into shape… faster than you can say hakuna matata.

Six weeks into the trip, the group is now in Guinea.  Next stop?  Sierra Leone.  We can’t wait to get a detailed feedback once they’re back safe and sound in London!

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