Free-standing Mosquito Nets for Doctors without Borders

dear_docNow that Ebola has claimed its first victim in the US, more of us are concerned and worried.  We find ourselves paying attention to the headlines mentioning it and reading more about it.  But many of our doctors have been choosing to work in West Africa since the outbreak was announced in March despite the risks.  When Duncan’s own family was not able to sleep after seeing him via video and declined to see him again, we can imagine what the doctors have to go through when they are up close and attend to so many patients that some have to be turned away.

We all can do something, however small, in one way or another.  HMT has decided to donate a SansBug mosquito net to every physician with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) heading to West Africa to help with the outbreak.  If you know of such a physician, please request him or her to contact us so we can ship them a SansBug.