Bonding with your Avian Friend

My bird and I do just about everything together. She is a highly intelligent African gray parrot. When I go outside I have to be careful and very vigilant for birds of prey, cats, and mosquimeditation tenttoes. Due to the sensitivity of their immune system, a single mosquito bite can kill them. If they are bitten by a mosquito that carries a virus or other disease and they get it, it is usually only a matter of time before the bird will perish.

I personally enjoy spending time outdoors with her because I do not believe she should be locked up in a house all the time. I enjoy sitting next to the river at Yorktown beach in Virginia and I like to read but she does not like to be caged while sitting next to me. Up until now I have had her in a cage that folds up for easy travel and transfer, with a custom mosquito net that slides over the top of it to keep mosquitoes out, but she is still separated from me. She prefers to sit on my shoulder with me while I read. With the SansBug popup net, we can now share our lunch together on picnics. This way I can have her with me while staying cool since the breeze will be able to come through but the bugs will not be able to get in.  It will also give me precious seconds that I may need if there is an animal nearby that tries an attack.

I am already passing it on to various people in my bird groups because a lot of us enjoy having our birds with us but need them protected from insects as well as out of the sight of predator birds.  Thank you again for making it possible!