Mosquito Nets for NGOs

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom is in the business of saving smiles in remote parts of the world, one child at a time.  Her team currently serves 9000+ children.  They have worked extensively among the Miskito Indians (no, not related to the word mosquito) in northeast Nicaragua.  Many of the towns in this area are only accessible by river. When we asked how the SansBug was working out, this is what we got:

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the nets.

I purchased several of these mosquito nets for my team of dental health promoters.  We use them for our NGO when we are on emergency brigades along the Rio Coco, where the mosquitoes are heavy and dengue and malaria are rampant.  Since getting these nets, we have not had a single case of mosquito-borne disease!

They are tall enough to sit up in and wide enough to spread out your things comfortably to sleep.  I sometimes hang a tiny camping lamp from the “roof” so I can read safely at night, with no bugs sneaking in at the corners of a loose mosquito tent.  I recommend these highly if you are camping where there are any annoying bugs.

Dr. Hanna Ekstrom, Founder of Save their Smiles