Meditation Tent

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Meditation TentWhat is better than reconnecting with nature than actually physically experiencing it bug-free?  I take time to meditate inside it.  I even have a screened in porch, but nothing beats being able to feel the earth beneath me while I experience raw nature around me.
I also love taking my son outside to be in the SansBug tent and we will have a ‘picnic’ in our front yard.  Or even just being in it in odd times just for fun.  I’ve also found that it’s great for laying down in for a little nap and a quick read of a few books.  Why be inside when you can be outdoors breathing in the healthy air?
Lately, during the fall, I’ve set it up and we rake up a bunch of leaves in a huge pile next to it and my son plays a variety of imaginary games with the tent (his house) and the leaf pile.  It’s really an imagination station for him.
For me, as a single mom, it occupies him safely, and gives me a few minutes to get some light errands done.  It’s been an invaluable tool for both of us.  Thank you Sansbug Team!
Mikki Lamoureux

Meditate outdoors in the SansBug mesh tent

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net tent

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