3-Person (Tarp Floor)

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Pops open instantly into shape – no assembly required! Can be used indoors or outdoors.

The tent is shipped tri-folded in a 34 inch disc which is almost 3 feet wide! It will NOT fit in your luggage.

Weighs only 4.5 lbs! Folds into a thin disc, only about 1 inch thick.  Length: 8 feet, Width: 5.8 feet, Height: 3.6 feet. Two doors.

Tarp floor; 100% polyester mesh (~1200 holes per inch will also protect against no-see-ums); Fiberglass poles.

PLEASE CAREFULLY WATCH THE DEMO VIDEOS ON THE SANSBUG WEBSITE BEFORE FOLDING IT – the poles will splinter if incorrectly folded! Folding should take seconds once you get the hang of it but you DO need to watch the demo video SEVERAL times.

Model SB-3P-TF-GT

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Additional information

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions96 × 69 × 43 in