Pop-up Mosquito Nets

Dear SansBug,

I ordered  a SansBug tent to take with me for an annual camping trip to northern Michigan.  I am the Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment and each year we take our new students to a university research property for orientation.   The property we go to is affectionately called “Bug Camp.”  Needless to say, my new SansBug tent was perfect for my trip this year!  Of course my tent was very useful for outdoor areas, but what I loved even more was that it laid perfectly on the bed in my cabin.   The cabins are known to be very rustic and often have bugs at night and sometimes mice.  Using my new tent this year, helped me sleep better than I ever have there!   We also raffled a tent for one of our students to win, which was a big hit with a crowd that hikes, camps, and conducts outdoor environmental research!  Thanks again for a great product!

Adam Ancira

Recruiting and Admissions Coordinator

University of Michigan- School of Natural Resources and Environment