Raw Organic Honey from the Newest-Country-in-the-World

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It’s always interesting to read where and how the SansBug is being used in different parts of the world.  Chris, Managing Director of LoneStar – Africa Works, an Austin-based non-profit is working with beekeepers in South Sudan to sell their honey in USA.  He just got back last week after a month-long trip.  Here’s part of an email from him:

The tent worked great. Used the four-fold with the strong cinch strap and packed it carefully in my bag. Kept it in tri-fold once I reached the ground. For the first time since 2009 I could wake up without bites.

In fact I had the best sleep of the whole trip in the SansBug, deployed on the mattress in a tukul hut at the remote farm of our beekeeper-partners. Unfortunately my camera was out of batteries by then.

But everyone who saw it asked about the SansBug. High quality item. Am recommending it to a friend of mine who has moved to South Sudan with his family.

Even when staying in hotels, he preferred to deploy the SansBug since the mosquito nets provided are usually torn.

Check out their crowd-funding page for their project!

Helping Non-profits Sleep on the Job

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I slept in my SansBug every night and I didn’t get malaria.  Our executive director didn’t sleep in his, and he did get malaria.

Say that again?  One more time, please?

We would like to introduce you to an awesome non-profit organization that is doing an even more awesome job.  InStove Solutions produces advanced-design stoves for the world’s poorest.  Their super-efficient stoves (confirmed by USAID to be the world’s most efficient) reduce the fuel used by up to 90%, thus reducing the demand for wood, preserving forests and helping combat global warming.  Three of their team members recently traveled to Nigeria to set up their first factory abroad and SansBug was there to protect them!

Here’s an email from JD, the production manager:

Our project was a success.  I slept in my SansBug every night and I didn’t get malaria.  (Our executive director didn’t sleep in his, and he did get malaria).  So I would say that the tents worked very well.  Thanks so much for the help with our last minute order.  Attached is a crappy pic of the SansBug in action in my Nigerian hotel room.  Sorry I don’t have anything better.

Thanks Again.

JD Laurich
Institutional Stove Solutions

Visit their website to read more about their work!


Saving Eyes and Lives

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Here’s an email from a Canadian Unite for Sight volunteer in Ghana:


This is a picture of my tent in Accra, Ghana.  My tent was utterly fantastic.  Many others had tents they had to assemble while mine popped up completely on it’s own!  Also, it was quite easy to fold and store once you got the hang of it.  I am so pleased with what I paid for my tent and how useful it was to me.  I would recommend it to anyone travelling to an area where malaria is endemic.

Not only did the SansBug protect me from mosquitoes but it also helped me feel safe to sleep on top of any bed.


Gabriela (Saskatoon, Canada)

I lived in a SansBug for 11 months…

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I worked in Haiti for 11 months, and slept in my SansBug mosquito net tent every day.  I’ve used it on beds, grass and even concrete floors.  I was working on the island of La Gonave as an Environmental Engineer, working for a DC-based NGO.  I helped build treated drinking water facilities for the local communities.

Mosquito Net TentBeing lightweight and compact, it was easy for me to take around, especially while riding on the back of a motorcycle. If people didn’t see me coming, they knew I’d passed by when they spotted the round blue bag from behind!

Traveling on the airlines was even more fun – most people had to ask what it was, but one person even thought I was a circus artist of some sort!  I took the SansBug as carry-on with 2 other small bags, and the airlines haven’t had much problem with me.  I once had to place it in the closet space up front (where the pilots hang their coats) because it was a narrower plane and it wouldn’t be able to fit in the overhead bin.  But again, the flight attendants were pretty accommodating.  Sometimes it’s a tough fit for the net to fit through the security scanner, but I put it in diagonally and it usually works. Only once in Haiti it didn’t work but they removed it from the bag and patted it down so it was fine.

I would recommend the SansBug mosquito net tent to anyone looking for a quick and easy set up, and a stylish solution to keeping those bugs out.  Especially useful is having the all-enclosed bottom tarp layer to keep the creepy crawlers out (particularly while sleeping on the ground).

Yee from Michigan

Free-standing Mosquito Nets for Conservationists

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Northern Jaguar Reserve(The SansBug) assures me that I have a good bug, scorpion and snake proof tent to sleep in every night.

Here’s a letter from Rick Williams, the reserve manager of the Northern Jaguar Reserve in northern Sonora, Mexico.   The reserve is managed by Northern Jaguar Project (NJP), formed by conservationists from the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.  The NJP is dedicated to ensure protection of the jaguar in its northernmost range, as well as a host of other threatened species and habitat.  Please visit their website at northernjaguarproject.org to learn more about this beautiful creature and their efforts to protect it.

Rick took the picture on the left when he was using the SansBug III to supervise a construction project.  He used a small section of a used billboard tarp for a ground cloth for added thorn protection.

Hello SansBug,

 I’m writing to tell you how much I have relied on my (two) SansBugs both for comfort and safety, as well as piece of mind and getting a good night’s sleep.  I am the reserve manager for the newly-formed Northern Jaguar Reserve in the northeastern region of the state of Sonora, Mexico.  (Yes, we have a sustainable population of wild jaguars, the same as the jungle cat, just south of the U.S. border.  They once ranged throughout much of the southern U.S. and we’re hoping our conservation efforts will help to re-populate some of these areas someday through natural dispersal.)

 The NJR consists of over 50 thousand acres of former ranches in rough foothill mountains, and with the infrastructure very primitive, I camp every night I’m there, often moving daily to a new location.  The ease of setting up and taking down a SansBug is a great help so I can concentrate more on my work than on making and breaking camp every day.  And, of course, this convenience assures me that I have a good bug, scorpion and snake proof tent to sleep in every night.  Without the SansBug, I’m sure that some nights I would cut corners from being tired, not properly fix a mosquito net or pitch a conventional pole-stake-rope-rainfly tent, and get bitten by something, or at least awakened in the middle of the night by the inevitable buzzing in my ear of mosquitos.  As well, I greatly enjoy the almost all net design, because the reserve is hot during much of the year.

Thank you so much for your product, and I might say as well for selling it at a reasonable price.


Rick Williams

Reserve Manager

Northern Jaguar Reserve


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