Kids SansBug

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If the 1-Person size is unwieldy for your younger Scouts, get them the kids size which is more manageable and fits better on a cot.  However, note that the usable length is only 5 feet.


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Free-standing mosquito net tent that pops open instantly into shape to provide a safe refuge – simply slide off the elastic strap and toss up into the air away from you. No assembly required! Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Waterproof tarp floor; Zippered door; Fully enclosed with no-see-um netting to prevent flying critters, creepy crawlies or slithering snakes (no-see-um netting has much smaller holes than mosquito netting); Fiberglass poles.

NOT FOR TRAVEL.  The net is folded into a large flat disc which is 23 inches wide. Please take a tape measure and visualize the size before you buy it.

Weighs only 2 lbs! Inside length: 73 inches (usable length: 5 feet), inside width: 33 inches, Height: 30 inches. If you need more space, get the SansBug 1-person net which provides 6 feet of usable length.

Save yourself the frustration by CAREFULLY watching the demo video MULTIPLE times before folding it. Understand the steps. Don’t give up. You can do it! Folding should take seconds once you get the hang of it but you DO need to watch the demo video SEVERAL times. Fiberglass poles are strong but they will splinter if incorrectly folded!