Jeep OverLand Camping

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I love camping, but hate packing up afterwards.  Sound familiar?  Here’s an email from Steve:


This idea came to me a little while ago.  I have installed a heavy external frame ( by Smittybilt ) and attached an 7′ basket  to the top of my Jeep.   The problem is finding a tent to fit on it, without breaking the bank.  Enter the SansBug single…

I have not taken it out on a trial trip yet, but can hardly wait.



…Showed my buddy the pics and now he’s looking for one to put in the bed of his truck!

London – Cape Town – Cairo in 39 WEEKS!

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africaThat’s like 9 months!  Traveling with 25 other people in an 18-ton bright-yellow truck through 28 countries all around Africa is not your typical vacation.  You will trace the rugged Atlantic coast skirting the Sahara desert, cut through the Congo forest, make your way over the Kalahari and up Table mountain, then snake along the Great Rift Valley past the foothills of Kilimanjaro ending your gazillion-mile road-trip at the pyramids of Egypt.  Crazy?  You bet!  That’s your ultimate experience-Africa adventure trip courtesy of Oasis Overland.


So what’s your most important piece of gear apart from the truck?  How about something that would protect you from the scorpions in the desert, snakes in the rainforest and mosquitoes everywhere else?  When this year’s group staked their lives on the SansBug to protect them throughout their odyssey, we were… honored.  But seriously, who wants to join poles to erect a tent every single night – for two-hundred-and-something nights  – and then take it apart the next morning?  With the SansBug, you slide off the elastic strap and it pops open into shape… faster than you can say hakuna matata.

Six weeks into the trip, the group is now in Guinea.  Next stop?  Sierra Leone.  We can’t wait to get a detailed feedback once they’re back safe and sound in London!

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